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PowerEdge Raid Failure
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Job F020310A -- Date:Feb 3 2010-- Recovery Costs: $10,000.00

Server Dell PowerEdge 2800 Server, 3ware 9550SXU-8LP Raid Controller

Configuration: RAID 5 with 6 Western Digital WD1001FALS-00J7B1 sata drives

OS: Windows 2003 Enterprise Server

Failure: Degraded Array, 2 failed drives, Fire - Power failure.

  • step 1: Write down the raid 5 configuration from the bios setup.
  • Note the exact order of the Raid Elements
    Verify the stripe size
    Label each drive and take care to maintain the original order with the drive serial numbers

  • step 2: As Backup, duplicate each hard drive seperately.
  • We Recovered the most recently failed hard drive using our HD Cloning software
    We had to use the heads from the un-needed failed drive that had just a Controller malfunction, but good heads. It had failed a few days earlier and was going to be replaced when the 2nd hard drive failed (Head Pre-Amp failure)

  • step 3: After cloning, we replaced the most recently failed drive with a good drive that we changed the serial number to match the failed one.
  • step 4: We fired up the PowerEdge Server and forced the failed element back online.
  • step 5: The Server booted up normally with all the data intact.
  • step 6: We replaced the last failed hard drive and rebuilt the Raid Array.


Priority Weekend Service, the server was received on Saturday and returned to full service Monday morning before 9AM

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