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PowerEdge Raid Failure
1. Data recovery help request

Are you located near Ontario?
There was a power outage yesterday after a fire near our WEB facilities there. We have a RAID 5 server there with 6 Western Digital disks, one TB each Apparently 2 disks failed. At first it was only one disk according to what the server administrator sent:
root@cl-t211-171cl ~]# tw_cli info c0

Unit UnitType Status %Cmpl Stripe Size(GB) Cache AVerify
u0 RAID-5 DEGRADED - 64K 4656.56 OFF OFF

Port Status Unit Size Blocks Serial
p0 ECC-ERROR u0 931.51 GB 1953525168 WD-WMATV2138776
p1 NOT-PRESENT - - - -
p2 OK u0 931.51 GB 1953525168 WD-WMATV2229014
p3 OK u0 931.51 GB 1953525168 WD-WMATV2272507
p4 OK u0 931.51 GB 1953525168 WD-WMATV2213367
p5 OK u0 931.51 GB 1953525168 WD-WMATV2244600
p6 NOT-PRESENT - - - -

Then after they tried to replace the disk apparently 2 disks are failing. We would like to get a quote to go there and try to recover as much information as possible. We are already getting a new server were we are putting the backups we had, but they are not current, so the information here is very important for us. Though the array is of 6 TB only about 1.5 was in use.
We are located in Mexico.

Thanks in advance
Ohsua Millan

2. Data Recovery Reply

Hello Mr. Millan,

We can certainly assist you with this problem. This type of failure falls within our level of expertise.

We would need to pick up the Server and work on it this weekend for you to be back up and running Monday morning, Priority fees are charged @$300.00/Hr. Maximum costs should not exceed $12,000.00 USD. Please call us to work out the details.

Contact Joe or Vadim (514) 238-4090