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Lacie_5bigNetwork Raid Failure
1. Data recovery help request

I'm having some troubles with a Lacie 5big 7.5tb network attached storage device. I sent it to a local hard drive recovery place, and have not been satisfied with what they are telling me. They say one of the drives of the 5 drives in the device is bad. I thought I had it set to RAID 5. I have another 5big and it's set to RAID 5. I have around 3TB of data on the NAS. It is formatted to 5TB due to the RAID. Do you have a general range of costs associated with the recovery of the data? Also, there are some folders I don't even care if they are recovered - I have a recent backup. Would this reduce the cost?

Rob, Seattle, WA

2. Data Recovery Reply

We would of course have to see your Lacie NAS to provide an accurate quote, however for a single drive failure if the Raid is not corrupted, figure about $2000.00 (this is not the estimate but just an estimated cost)

3. Customer Reply

OK, thanks! I need to get my drive back from this other place, then will be in touch! That $2,000 is what I had in mind price wise for this.

Thanks, Rob

4. Data Recovered

You data is recovered, final costs: $2000.00

Just out of curiosity, what was the other company and how much did they want to charge? Do you have something in writing?

5. Customer Reply

Nothing in writing. The other guys were They did an analysis, then called and said it would be $8,600. That's just crazy to me. I had around 90% of the stuff backed up, so just couldn't spend that kind of money. The $2,000 price you had was perfect for me - I had to also balance my time, so getting the drive back up and working well was worth the $2K. Certainly not $8,600!