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Lacie_5bigNetwork Raid Failure
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Job F012810A -- Date:Jan 28, 2010-- Recovery Costs: $2,000.00

Storage: Lacie_5bigNetwork

Configuration: RAID 5 with 5 Seagate ST31500341AS sata drives
Barracuda 7200.11
P/N: 9JU138-568 F/W:CC3H

OS: Linux for Lacie NAS

Failure: Degraded Array, 2 failed drives.

  • step 1: Label the hard drives in the Lacie Box
  • step 2: For complete Backup, duplicate each hard drive separately.
  • Both failed hard drives had firmware issues that bricked the drives. Since we could not determine which hard disk failed first, we un-bricked both disk drives and cloned them.

  • step 3: After cloning, we replaced one of the drives at random and powered up the Lacie with 4 out of the 5 hard drives.
  • 50% chance but if we're wrong, we restore from the backup and try the other restored drive.

  • step 4: The Lacie_5bigNetwork booted up normally with all the data intact..
  • step 5: We replaced the last failed hard drive with a new hard drive and rebuilt the Raid Array.
  • Final repairs: Replace all the unreliable bricked drives.



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